Study on God the Father

Introduction. God is a trinity. This is a small study to get you to study more and have you expand the study in the comments area.

Genesis 1:26 “Let us make man in our image”

  • Tri means three
  • unity means one
  • God is Three in One

In Genesis 1:1 – The word for God is Elohim, which literally means ‘plurality in one’

Other Bible verses relating to God’s Trinity:-

Matthew 3:16-17; Genesis 1:16; Matthew 28:19-20; 2 Corinthians 13:14; John 14:16-17; John 10:28-30

  1. God is eternal.
  • He always was and will be
  • He is a Spirit which is creator of all things.

Isaiah 40:28; Psalms 90:2

  1. God is omnipotent.
  • omni means all
  • potent means powerful l.p.

God is all powerful Genesis 17:1; Jeremiah 32:17

  1. God is omnipresent
  • God is everywhere Psalms 139:7-10
  • God is always with us
  1. God is unchangeable.

Friends may change but God never has, nor will He ever. Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8

  1. God is intimate

Romans 8:15 Abba – ‘daddy’ or ‘papa’

  1. God is omniscient.

He knows everything

Psalms 147:5; Acts 15:18; 1 Samuel 16:7

  1. God is Holy

Psalms 99:9; Isaiah 6:1-5, Revelation 4:8-11

  1. God’s declaration of salvation

John 3:16

  • It is of God (God)
  • It is out of His love (so loved)
  • It is to His people (the world)

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