PDA Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome

PDA also known as Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome is something that has been around for decades but never picked up by professionals and proper assessment taken.

I have lived with this, with my step sons showing all the traits and mannerisms of this syndrome and can see society not being able to cope the behaviours if its not managed.

It been bugging me for ages thinking that prison cells must be full of adults that have this condition and no help and understanding.

Do you have a family member in this situation…

Please share…

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  1. Really having a hard this week with my step-son who has PDA being bullied and victimised by neighbours with one in the care industry that is supposed to support, care and help improve the needs of the client. But the attitude of this person and maybe the mind set of the organisation is that he is naughty because of the meltdowns. I just can’t understand people’s ignorance it hurts us deep and we have to keep our son away from these prejudices to stop his anxious levels.


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