Lancashire Festival of Hope 21-23 September 2018

Franklin Graham will be preaching at the end of the year in the UK in Blackpool and before that in the area of Lancashire a number of events will be taking place.

It is time now to PRAY for the UK to hear the Gospel preached where people can come and listen and be convicted of sin and converted through the power of the Holy Spirit.

As Franklin says there is an urgency of the Gospel to be proclaimed, it is only through the preaching of Gods Word the Bible that people can be saved. It isn’t an emotional experience but the power of the Holy Spirit.

More information a the website at

Upcoming Events

22 Thu Feb 18
Church Leaders Conference with R.T. Kendall
at Crossgate Church

24 Sat Feb 18
One Hope Prayer Gathering
at St Johns The Evangelist

15 Sun Apr 18
at The Grand

20 Fri Apr 18
at Crossgate Church

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